Aoshi Evolution Game Alchemy Chapter 1betting522 Self-refining

Ji Ling’er stuck out her tongue: “Even if you are, you should be the kind of alchemist who is not in the top class. There are too many such alchemists here, so grab a lot.” Chen Xiang listened to the footsteps, turned his head and looked at She: “How can you be considered a top-notch alchemist?” Ji Ling’er rolled her eyes, and we thought for a while: “At least you can refine elixir. With your current broken cultivation base, you are not even in the holy realm. You shouldn’t be able to do alchemy.” Let’s make an elixir!” Chen Xiang smiled and said, “I’m sorry, I was able to refine elixir just now, although live betting is only a first-grade elixir.” With a coquettish voice: “Even if it can be refined, it’s that kind of junk!” Chen Xiang didn’t continue talking to her, because he realized that the alchemy industry in this Tianyu was not as developed as he imagined, at least not as good as the Nine Heavens World, In the world of Nine Heavens, even an immortal king can refine an elixir, let alone an immortal king. And here, most of the people who can refine elixir are in the Saint Transformation Realm. Why is this so, Chen Xiang doesn’t quite understand. At this time, he is even more curious about the alchemy industry in the Primordial Holy City. Under the guidance of Ji Linger, he came to one of the pill shops with a higher livescore in Huasheng District. It was called Tianding Sports Betting Pill Shop. It mainly sold elixir and medicinal materials, but there were not many kinds of them. . The interior of the Tianding Pill Shop is very spacious. When you enter it, you will find a very grand exhibition hall, which is very luxuriously decorated. The old man in charge of selling the elixir sensed the extraordinary aura from Ji Linger, and brought a very weak rookie in. He knew there was a business to do. It is normal for the powerful seniors to bring the juniors to buy pills, and the quantities are generally large. “You two, welcome to

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