Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1 Live betting Chapter 507 The Real Betway Demon

Mobile version Endorphina text version bet game article query: hot keywords: author: category: Lei Jian and Zheng Rong looked at each other and laughed wildly, “Revenge, how could we let that happen, don’t you know that there is a thing called master Is it a servant contract? Hurry up and hand over everything, or I will take off this girl’s clothes, and then let my husband stand in front of you…haha.” Zheng Rong grinned, and asked Lu Qilian to hand over all the treasures. Then use the master-servant contract to control Lu Qilian, so that he can control the entire Hundred Flowers Palace, and also get Lu Qilian, a beautiful and heartfelt slave girl. Lei BetWinner was very excited when he thought about it, and Chen Xiang was stunned. He originally thought that this couple would The one who dealt with him first, did not expect to deal with Xiao Lizhi and Lu Qilian first, people’s hearts are sinister, now Lu Qilian understands these four words better, she has cooperated with Shenlei Xianguo many times before, she did not expect to turn it around now Biting him, Xiao Lizhi’s face was cold, and she looked at Lu Qilian with a firm light in her eyes, as if she had already made a decision. Lu Qilian had already seen that Xiao Lizhi was going to commit suicide in the premier league, and she was extremely desperate in her heart. Both Lei Dao and Dao are in peak condition, she and Chen Xiang are useless even if they try their best, now they are both injured in the champions league, the other party can crush them with one hand with Nairabet, and those drunken gods have long since When it was all used up, Zheng Rong felt that Xiao Lizhi’s abdomen was hot, and she snorted coldly: “I want to commit suicide, there is no way, I will let you live, and watch how Huadi is enslaved by us, haha…” Right in Zheng Rong When he was laughing and trying to stop Xiao Lizhi Dan, Chen Xiang flicked his finger, shot out a cloud of transparent mist, and shot it into Zheng Rong’s mouth.

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