Night Ranger Chapter 43 Paripesa Escape NetEnt Prison

Three minutes later, Marvin got what he wanted as he wished. And Kate Liverpool’s face was blushing. Although the clothes have been put on again, it doesn’t feel right. This man seems to be very similar to those high-level perverts that my sister said are very good at deceiving… This is what Kate is thinking. What Marvin held in his hand was a piece of iron wire. He stole a glance at Kate, who glared back fiercely and subconsciously shielded her chest. Marvin laughed dryly and started to get busy with his work. He had long known that Solomi-style dresses, with a poker bra under the bust and a loop of wire inside, were meant to help women shape their shape. This circle of wire is Marvin’s sharp weapon to escape from prison. The key to the cage tree is the special wooden lock, but this kind of wooden lock is naturally restrained by the wire. This is a Betway secret that no one knows yet. I saw Marvin gently stretched out his hand, inserted the wire into the wooden lock chelsa, and stirred it vigorously a few times. This does not require lockpicking skills, and it is useless, because the wooden lock itself is a magic lock rumble. It’s just that it has a peculiar characteristic that it is easily withered by iron elements, so the elf iron guards will search the prisoners before locking them in. Basically, the people locked inside cannot have real madrid ironware. However, elves are not familiar with Solomi style skirts, which are popular in the southwestern champions league. This kind of out-of-the-way news is only known to hardcore players like Marvin. Under the action of the wire, the wooden lock quickly withered. The two successfully escaped from the Slot Games! At this time, the entire prison tree forest was silent, and there were no guards guarding it! this is right

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