Betting World Alchemy God Chapter 1447Parimatch tricks splash blood

“Xie Kang is dead, this guy really didn’t have it, he got the inheritance of the evil emperor, he was so weak, he was bombarded and killed by you, and it’s a shame that people outside still compare him to me. The fight outside was in full swing, but Luo Yitao was very calm, as if nothing happened outside the real madrid. “It seems that if I want to save Sister Meng’er, I have to kill you first.” Chen Xiang said flatly, he and Liu Meng’er’s Suzaku tenderness felt a little bit, as long as he was nearby, he could sense it, Liu Meng’er The child is now in this hall. “Don’t be serious, even if you can kill me, you can’t save Liu Meng’er, do you know who is there? You think it’s really the Godsmith Villa who is trading with us in Tianjian City, and you think we will all be together now? Going out to fight you in the Champions League, I won’t leave a strong man to watch over such an important Liu Menger.” Luo Yitao sneered, although he still has the same arrogance as before, but he has matured a lot and is not as impulsive as before. Chen Xiang thought about it, and felt that it was the same, Tianjian City and Shenjiang Villa were willing to bear such a big loss, to prevent Liu Meng’er from being rescued, and the Fire God Temple, Demon Town Temple and Xie Family all came, behind this The transaction affirmative method imagined. “So, Msports Fire Emperor is watching her in the man city.” Chen Xiang took a slight breath and asked. “You are quite smart, you can guess that this lord is here, so you will lose today.” Luo Yitao’s mouth showed a betting disdainful smile: “A hundred years have passed, and you have become much stronger, but you have to die here today. “My Spinmatic is not dead yet, there is no absolute in the world.” Chen Xiang smiled baccarat very indifferently: “I am sure

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