Proud baccarat Shidan roulette god Chapter 1417 Killing and resurgence

Knowing that Xie Kang’s background was so big, Chen Xiang felt a lot of pressure. If he himself could be familiar with him who used the sword technique of Betting just now, he might be able to easily defeat Xie Kang. “I don’t know if the demon-suppressing holy power is effective for this guy from Xietian.” Chen Xiang thought to himself, took a few steps back, and stood in a good position. “This guy can use both the Devil Slayer Holy Sword and the Heavenly Evil Nairabet Holy Sword at the same time, which means that he can control the power of good and evil. Generally, only those guys from the God and Demon Sect can do it. Could it be that this guy belongs to the God and Demon Sect.” Long Xue Yi said. Chen Xiang came to the casino slot heaven and inquired about the livescore of the God and Demon Sect, but few people knew that the God and Demon Sect is also very low-key now, not making any big noises, unlike in Ditian. “Can I not use the sword, but if I win, I can still get the Fire Dragon Sword.” Just as it was about to start, Chen Xiang said suddenly. Because he is not good at using swords, but the opponent is a master of swords, which will put him at a disadvantage, especially if he is a person with two swords. “You don’t use a sword, so why use the Qinglong Demon Slayer Knife?” Dai Yongcheng asked, he also wanted to take a closer look at the Qinglong Slaughter Knife. Xie Kang said: “If you use the Azure Dragon Demon Slaughter Knife, I will give up the challenge!” “I don’t use the Azure Dragon Demon Slayer Knife.” Chen Xiang said, it was already stipulated that he could not use divine weapons. You don’t need the Fire Dragon Sword, you don’t need the Qinglong Demon Slayer BGaming Knife, why should you use that dagger? Everyone didn’t know what Chen Xiang was thinking, because Chen Xiang’s swordsmanship was very good, and now he wanted to give up using the sword. Chen Xiang took out that black hammer, the Master’s Hammer. This cannot be regarded as a magical weapon, but a very weird weapon, not as gorgeous as the Qinglong Demon Slaying Saber, not as

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