Proud Online Casino World Alchemy Chapter 1402 Wuqian Slot Games generation

Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi to inquire about the news, she can separate many soul thoughts, and the efficiency is much higher than him. Immortal crystals are a big problem. The ranking servants all use immortal crystals. Chen Xiang has many precious things, but they cannot be sold directly. For example, those precious medicinal materials, he voluntarily does not want to sell them. The fairy sword picked up by bettingbet game in that battle is also inconvenient to sell directly, and some underground channels are needed. “Don’t worry, I’m looking for it. There are many famous people from Nairabet. Paripesa temporarily lures you to see those acquaintances you know.” Long Xueyi said. “Are you hungry?” Chen Xiang brought Mu Qianxiang to the door of a hotel and asked. Mu Qianxiang shook her head, she baccaratzhidào Chen Xiang is in short supply of immortal crystals, anyway, he is too hungry to die, so he will not eat or serve me for the time being. “I found it, I saw the little bald head, this guy is really easy to recognize!” Long Xueyi turán said with a smile. Wu Kaiming has rejuvenated and turned into a young man long ago, but he still maintains Ziji’s bald image, and he will definitely stand out among the crowd. “Are you sure it’s him?” Chen Xiang yijing took Mu Qianxiang to the gate of the central area of ​​Parimatch, where there are some fairy palace yiyàng sports betting. If you want to enter the rich area in the center, you must buy a poker pass . “The pass is very expensive, bro, can you afford it?” Mu Qianxiang asked in a low voice, because Chen Xiang told her eloquently that there were only nàmeyidiǎn immortal crystals left, which was not enough to buy a pass. “You enter into my storage magic weapon first, and then I sneak in.” Chen Xiang sent her a voice transmission. “A good way… Brother, you are good or bad!” Mu Qianxiang said with a smile. Chen Xiang took

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