Liverpool’s World-Proud Pill God Chapter 1 Surebet 247372 Phoenix Blood Pill

Princess Phoenix took out a piece of paper from zìjǐ’s storage bag, and handed it to Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang could write it down just by looking at it. “It’s different from the safe route marked on the map of your real madrid, and it doesn’t know that they will go to shímedìfāng, and they don’t even have a destination. Could it be that the map marked by their ancestors also has treasure hidden in the dìfāng?” Su Meiyao glanced. I can see it. “Is it the same with you? Betway” Phoenix Princess asked, and at this time Chen Xiang also stopped, rúguǒ if not, they would not catch up, because in the eyes of those Nairabet people, the way he walked Kěnéng is the one they took. “No yīyà Sporty betng!” Chen Xiang shook his head and said. Princess Phoenix frowned: “Nàme, is the road you are walking dangerous?” “Did you see any danger along the way?” “It’s just inside this crack, and we still have to leave this crack Yes, it’s hard to tell outside.” The Phoenix Princess was worried, the depths of the Night Demon were terrifying, even Immortal King Paripesa died inexplicably, not to mention affiliates with their strength. Chen Xiang returned the map to Princess Phoenix, and said: “I need to take a rest now, I’m tired after running for nàme consecutive days!” “Well, do you need pills? I have them here, which can help you recover more quickly Hurry up.” Princess Phoenix took out a small jade box. Don’t want it in vain, not to mention that everyone handed it over, Chen Xiang directly accepted it with a smile. “This is Shíme Dan?” Chen Xiang answered

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