Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1357 baccarat The Evolution game hurt the little slave girl

List Long’s family is in the Saint Pill Realm, which is far away from the Wandan Immortal Kingdom, but there is a teleportation array to go there. As long as Chen Xiang goes to a Surebet247 Immortal Palace, he can easily go to the Saint Pill Realm. !look,. .中1xBet:文Evolution game”Network He came to a small fairy palace nearby. Although this fairy palace is far away from the fairy palaces in the Wandan Immortal Kingdom, it is also in charge of the Wandan Immortal Kingdom. Chen Xiang is the champions league. It took more than ten days to come here relying on the guiding fairy disk. As soon as he entered this fairy palace, he immediately inquired about some things about him. As he guessed, he was offered a reward for live betting, and it was not with Immortal Crystal, but a fifth-grade elixir, which is enough for many immortal kings and immortal kings to make a move. The rewards offered come from the Temple of Demon Suppression, the Temple of Fire, the Divine Sword Immortal Palace, the Imperial Dragon Clan, and the Wandan Immortal Kingdom. The golden capital is very rich, and it makes people feel excited just looking at it. “How can it be so easy to get a fifth-grade elixir? It’s harder to catch me than you chelsas to find the medicinal materials for Qi Wupin’s elixir. ” Chen Xiang thought to himself, and then walked towards the direction of the teleportation array. Just when he saw the square with many teleportation arrays arranged in roulette, a teleportation array Leap suddenly flashed, and after a woman appeared, she immediately ran towards him. Come here.” It’s the little slave girl! “Chen Xiang was startled, that woman in a white dress with a graceful figure and a beautiful appearance was none other than Ji Meixian. Chen Xiang immediately thought that he could have deceived the Betking Dragon Emperor back then, and planted the blame on that Bet9ja Taiyuan headmaster. With the help of Ji Meixian, otherwise he would not be able to succeed. Now that the truth is revealed, the Dragon Emperor knows that he killed the Holy Dragon Prince, so Ji Meixian will naturally be suspected and considered to have something to do with him, so it is not surprising that he was hunted down. Sure enough, That teleportation array is shining again

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