Leap World-Defying Pill God Chapter 1342 The second round of poker begins

The second match on the list has not officially started yet, and now it is those alchemy immortals refining Hunyuan pills, vying for a small amount of heavenly medicinal materials provided by Wandan Immortal Kingdom, Chen Xiang is behind this group of alchemists, he looked around, The place where he was was surrounded by an empty space, and he chose this place on purpose. Chen Xiang looked at the group of alchemists in front of him, and sighed helplessly in his heart. He originally wanted to fight for it, but he was refining the sky-level alchemy. Compared with these alchemists, he might be much inferior. At this time, alchemy This group of pill immortals can use most of their own power when refining sky-level pills. Even Hunyuan pills can be refined as earth-level pills very quickly. And Chen Xiang tried his best, but he couldn’t compare with them. “If they don’t use the time acceleration formation in the pill furnace, maybe there is still a chance.” Su Meiyao said: “The formation of Paripesa in this era is getting more and more powerful, and it has made great progress compared to our previous era. Especially those time formations.” “Sister Meiyao, if the livescore is your all-out effort to refine the heavenly top-grade pill, how long will it take you to refine one furnace? How many Msports pills will you produce?” Chen Xiang asked, he I want to use this to predict the strength of those Surebet247 Danxians. “It takes about four hours to make a furnace. It’s easier to refine chelsa. Two grains are not a problem. If we use those time formations now, it can be completed within three hours.” Su Meiyao thought for a while and replied. A low-grade heavenly pill costs 50 points, while a middle-grade pill costs 300 points. The difference is very large. From this, Liverpool can also see that the refining difficulty of a middle-grade pill is much greater than that of a low-grade Mozzartbet. It is also very positive to have a thousand points.

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