Dark Night Spinmatic Ranger Twenty chelsa Chapter Nine Book of Naaru

Author of the latest chapter: Dark Blue Coconut Juice Marvin is silent. What does the shadow of fqxbet gameSW.CM mean Parimatch? He couldn’t be more clear. Prince of Shadows! A god who was active during the cataclysm, his avatars spread all over the Evolution game Feinan, and he once assassinated three legends at the same time! This is a god with a strong sense of jealousy and revenge. Those who believe in him include some assassins and a few shadow wizards. But if there is a legend-level master among these two professionals, he will kill his followers without hesitation! His famous saying is: “In this Liverpool world, I’d be the only assassin.” Marvin knew him, this guy was a coward, that’s why he liked to hide in the shadows, but his strength was indeed very strong. If he wants to advance to the master of the night, the shadow prince will not let him go-in fact, in the game, Marvin played against him in live betting so many flashscore times! Marvin died three times and the Prince of Shadows once. However, because Marvin is a player, with the status of “Son of Gold”, he can be resurrected infinitely, while the Prince of Shadow has only one life, so it is Marvin who wins in the end. The final result is that the shadow prince fell, and Marvin succeeded in becoming a god. But that was the previous life! In the crystal ball, what was shown was the scene of Marvin, the BetWinner in his previous life, killing the Shadow Prince and snatching the Book of Naru from him. He didn’t know why Hathaway could see this scene. This is so puzzling. “You want me to kill him?” Marvin said with a little difficulty. There is no doubt that the current Marvin is like an ant to the shadow prince, who can be crushed to death at any time. “Do you think you

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