World-Proud Betting Alchemy Affiliate Chapter 1313 Old Madman Hunting Dragons

Many people on the list wanted to beat He Hong up a long time ago, but this He Hong is the son of the eldest prince, not to mention beating him face to face, even scolding him face to face, there will be serious consequences, but now there are some people who are not afraid of death, directly He was punched in the nose, and the nosebleed was so violent that Betway felt pain just looking at it. ┃Flying Speed ​​Network www.feiMozzartbetuz.coΜ “Kill him, tear him into pieces.” He Hong covered his nose and hissed. Chen Xiang’s attack was very fast and sudden. No one in Endorphina would have thought that someone would dare to attack Paripesa in the Wan Dan Building, and the one who hit was the prince and grandson. This was equivalent to going against the entire royal family. Unexpectedly, so his men didn’t react for a while. Chen Xiang just punched him, and ran down the stairs like lightning, and quickly walked out of the Wan Dan Building, and then mixed into the crowd, changing his appearance. As soon as everyone reacted, the person who beat He Hong disappeared. Everyone was secretly happy. Although He Hong came to him suddenly, although he didn’t cause any serious injuries to He Hong, He Hong must have been in pain just now. Face was seriously damaged. “Run away with one punch, it’s really hurtful!” Long Xueyi said with a coquettish smile. Spinmatic “One punch is enough, this guy is just arrogant, it can make him remember better. But He Feng and his father and son are out-and-out hypocrites. A real villain is much better than a hypocrite.” Chen Xiang said. After He Hong was beaten up, some strong men from the fourth and fifth floors came one after another. Someone made a move in the Wandan building, but it offended Surebet247, the high-level executive of the Wandan betting building, and they immediately sent people to look for this person. Chen Xiang stayed away from the Wandan Tower, and from time to time would be in front of the magnificent giant facade of the palace.

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