Aoshi Danshen Chapter 129la liga8affiliate I am here to make a fortune

Originally, Chen Xiang didn’t intend to beat this kind of excitement, but he is short of immortal crystals now, and he also wanted to see if he could take off one or two dragons and refine a furnace of dragon pills to satisfy his greed, so he and the dragon BetWinner Xueyi and the others discussed it, and decided to join in the fun and see if they could pick up some good things. Even if they got a fairy corpse, Slot Games would still make money by taking out the Tiandan. With the idea of ​​getting rich, Chen Xiang trekked long distances in this huge fairy palace, headed to Nairabet, the central area, to see if he could get some benefits. If you go there, you will definitely remember your ancestors in the city. “It seems that there is no big fight, it’s in vain!” Chen Xiang was a little disappointed when he was on the road, because he saw that many people were as usual. There are many open spaces in this Immortal Palace that are empty, and they are all used for leap fights. Chen Xiang passed through many uninhabited mountains and forests along the way, but he didn’t see any big battles. “Maybe FlashScore hasn’t started yet. This kind of competition will more or less break out into a big battle. Maybe the Royal Dragon Clan and the Royal Feather Clan met just now and exchanged ideas on aura.” Long Xueyi said. In the outer circle of the main palace, Chen Xiang couldn’t even afford a house, but now that he came to the Betting area in the center of Liverpool, he found that even if he slept on the street, he might be chased away. “The central area of ​​Wandan Immortal Kingdom is really amazing. I really want to sell a floor tile.” Chen Xiang walked on the floor tiles of Slot Games, and found that these floor tiles were all made of a strange stone, and there were patterns on them. There are spirit patterns, which can gather immortal energy, making the immortal energy in this central area extremely rich. He observed carefully

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