Alchemy God Chapter 1283 baccaratBet9ja thug assessment

Search novels: The second volume baccarat Chen Xiang said: “I only have more than a thousand fairy crystals by my side now, and tens of thousands of fairy crystals are needed to enter the heavenly domain…” Before he finished speaking, he suddenly saw a piece of paper that read: “Several thugs are recruited, and their strength is at least at the level of human immortals. If they are demons and demons, as long as they are beautiful betting women, human beings, Nairabet is not limited in gender. If the premier league can pass the assessment, they can be in Tianyu for a long time. , pass, transfer fee, and full board and lodging. レThinker レ” “Who the hell is this, who needs so many thugs? It seems that the conditions are good. If you can mix into Tianyu without immortal crystals, maybe you can follow this guy It is said that Surebet247 will be sent away from Tianniu Immortal Palace.” Chen Xiang thought to himself. “You can use the seventy-two transformations in the Evolution game to turn into a beautiful woman, maybe you can easily pass the test.” Long Xueyi giggled. Chen Xiang said angrily: “I’m not a woman, I feel disgusting just thinking about it.” Su Meiyao teased at the side, and said with a smile: “I also really want to see how this little villain turns into a woman to lie to a man. It’s very interesting just thinking about it.” Chen Xiang secretly despised them, then wrote down the address, walked out of the wooden tower, went to ask about the situation, and see if he could pass the examination. After arriving at that place, Chen Xiang was brought into a small hall. He felt a little surprised here, because it didn’t look like a place where a grand master lived. Judging from the requirements on that piece of paper, this trick The thug should be a man. “You are the fiftieth today, no one has heard the review before, and this is also the last day, work hard young man.” The person who brought Chen Xiang in

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