Aoshi Danshen bet game Chapter 1253 of casino Slot

The text version of the mobile version: Hot keywords: Author: baccarat Category: This group of guys sent by the Fire Temple to blatantly persuade people to leave, have been making trouble here at Betking for so many days, Jianglongmen didn’t even drive them away, but now they are Suddenly uttering such harsh words, FlashScore stunned them for a while. Those who dare to come here to mess around are those who are not weak and have a little courage. Now they are told to get out of here. If they just leave like this, they will definitely feel aggrieved, but this is from the rumble family. Territory, they can’t do anything about it. This group of people secretly scolded Chen Xiang many times in their hearts. Just as they were about to turn around and leave, Chen Xiang suddenly said: “I have refined some Hunyuan Pills for the past two months, everyone. Since you are our disciples of Jianglongmen, we will definitely not treat you badly.” Some Hunyuan Dan? how many? The group of people who were about to leave stopped suddenly, they wanted to see how many Hunyuan Pills there would be, after all, there were four to ten disciples under the Dragon Subduing Sect, wouldn’t it be enough to have one pill for each? That’s forty Hunyuan Pills, even if this is a huge amount for a superpower like the Fire God Temple, even if the Betway Fire God Temple has it, it won’t be so straightforward. Chen Xiang took out a rather big jade box, opened it, and a hazy golden mist suddenly drifted out from the inside. The mist dissipated in this hall, filled with a burst of strong medicinal fragrance, making people Immediately refreshed. When those doormen saw it, their eyes widened immediately. When they came to Jianglongmen, Li Baojun promised that he would give them corresponding rewards, but they didn’t have any extravagant expectations, they just sincerely

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