Aoshidan Endorphina God Man City Chapter 1223 Xuefeng Treasure Furnace

Text version of the mobile version: hot keywords: author: category: the opponent is actually Wang Qiongjin, this is a very powerful fairy king, many people with some strength here feel that this old woman is very strong, . The group of monsters who followed Slot Games Wang Qiongjin learned that the fairy king is also a chelsa alchemist, and they were very excited, because they felt that they had no more livescore than the wrong person, and their roulette monsters were very short of elixir, so now they are flattered The Vulcan Sports Palace can allow them to improve their strength faster. “Who are you coming?” Wang Qiongjin always believed that Li Baojun was the only one supporting the Jianglongmen. Li Baojun managed to win a match. If he loses the next match, he will fall short. He needs to start over and win two betting matches in a row to win. Li Baojun glanced at Betking and nodded to Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang came out and said: “I’m coming.” The Jianglongmen sent out to face Wang Qiongjin turned out to be a very young looking person, and he was also the one who scolded Bixia Pill Immortal just now. He must know some long-standing secrets in the heavens. He also came from heaven, but this person is unknown, making people feel that he and Wang Qiongjin are not at the same level. “It’s just you.” Wang Qiongjin looked at Chen Xiang again, with a very disdainful tone, because the flashscore aura emanating from the casino slot on Chen Xiang’s body didn’t look like a fairy level. The person sent by Jianglongmen to compete with her in alchemy turned out to be someone who hadn’t even completed Nirvana, which made her very upset. She thought it was an alchemist of Li Baojun’s level anyway. Chen Xiang smiled: “Why, did I violate the rules.”

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