Aoshidan Paripesa God Chapter 1Parimatch193 This meeting is yellow

Everyone stood beside the piece of black ice, and some people had already started to attack the black ice with powerful force, wanting to test how strong the black ice is, after rounds of attacks, those bet gamers finally gave up, they were strong After attacking the black ice with all the power, it will be absorbed immediately, and not even a little bit of crumbs can be removed. “It seems that the only way to do this is to push this mysterious ice down.” One person sighed. Yang Jiutao nodded and said: “It seems that there is no other way, everyone, please come with me, there are important things to discuss.” The important betting matter is the matter of Man City’s attack on Chenwu Continent, the forces that can come here , are relatively strong in Ditian, but if they attack Chenwu Continent alone, it will be difficult to take it down, unless they unite, even if they unite, they have no confidence, because the current Chenwu Continent is surprisingly strong. But if there is Fire Forebet Temple leading the alliance, they will have confidence. The Lord of Fire Temple is very powerful, this is something everyone knows, and it has also sealed Chen Xiang. In the past ten years, Jianglongmen has not made any big moves. As if he was about to disappear in Ditian, the Great Elder Jianglongmen didn’t come to save Chen Xiang, so everyone thought that the time to attack Chenwu Great Parimatch land had come. Chen Xiang and the others followed Yang Jiutao to a secret Paripesa meeting room and sat on a long table. Yang Jiutao was not sitting at the top, but a middle-aged man wearing the robes of the Vulcan Nairabet Palace. As soon as the middle-aged man came in, everyone felt an inexplicable pressure. At this moment, everyone’s hearts were thumping. They didn’t expect that there was a livescore, a strong man from the Temple of Fire, hidden here. When he came, Chen Xiang had already guessed this

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