Aoshidan Betting God Chapter BGaming1178 Heavenly Saint Body

In this dilapidated auction hall, Chen Xiang was sitting in the middle, the golden light on his body flashed and dazzled, like the scorching sun at noon, making it hard to look directly at. The strengthening of the bestowed power received by the physical body is gradually increasing. Shen Xiang began to feel some pain in his body. He found that the blood, bones, and muscles in his body were being absorbed by the bestowed power. Constantly destroying, then being reborn, being destroyed again, and being reborn again, so much eating and repeating the cycle, it seems to be repeating Nirvana. Only the powerful bone soul in the bone was not destroyed, it was the soul of his body, the combination of bone soul and jade dragon blood made his recovery speed very magical. He doesn’t know how long this situation will last, but one thing is certain is that his physical body is constantly strengthening. “It’s been getting stronger all the time, what a terrifying physical strength.” Long Xueyi peeped inside Leap Chen Xiang’s physical body with divine power. The astonishing speed of strengthening made her unbelievable. If Chen Xiang’s physical body was really an evolution If he is in the body of a sage, then the power of his physical body will surpass the power of true energy. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou have never heard of such a situation, and their physical bodies have not reached the perfection of the immortal body, the physical body surpasses the immortal body, the champions league is generally the state that people at the peak of the immortal king pursue. But now Chen Xiang BGaming is getting closer and closer to the realm that many celestial powerhouses dream of. In Xuanbing City, everything returned to the usual poker-like state. Chen Xiang didn’t get out of trouble, which made Chen Xiang’s friends feel very regretful, but they still admired Chen Xiang’s ability, because Chen Xiang consumed the Fire Temple. of

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