Aoshidan Betting God Chapter 1163Liverpool is up to me

List the things about the Ten Heavens Emperor. Now many people in Ditian have heard of la liga, but few people know the detailed history at that time, as well as what happened when and after the Ten Heavens Emperor fell. , Many things happened, these lost historical fragments should be a very important livescore for the people in Ditian today, because it is related to the life and death of Ditian in the future! Although Ditian is reborn, it doesn’t mean that he will survive forever after rebirth, maybe he will break up again like before, and become Nairabet into multiple low-level small worlds. www.kanzww.coМ, see… ,中!文”Net Lu Qinlian held Chen Xiang’s big hand, rubbed it lightly, felt the temperature on that hand, lost in memories, her eyes seemed to be looking into the distance, and said: “Nine days Ten lands…there were nine heavens in that year, and there were nine emperors, who were called emperors in the sky and kings in the earth! It is said that that period of history is like this, those strongest should be the Nine Emperors Champions League Ten Kings… But then the Ten Heavens Emperor appeared, unified the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, and opened up the Emperor Heaven, but he still retained the Nine Emperors The power of the ten kings in Liverpool, nine rumble heaven and ten earth, let the nine emperors and ten kings manage their respective sites. “”It turned out to be like this. What was that period of history trying to hide, so that it was not passed down?” “Surebet247 Chen Xiang was very puzzled. Lu Qinlian touched Chen Xiang’s handsome face with that somewhat icy jade hand, and said, “I don’t know about Spinmatic, because I only know some insignificant things!” Then talk about the Ice Emperor, you should be able to guess by now, the Ice Emperor is one of the nine heavens and ten kings, in charge of Bingtian! The reason why I say he is a

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