Betting Alchemy God Chapter 113 Msports 3 Leaving the world of holy pill

Work: 1133 Save: 1133_Full text free reading_from Aoye. After returning to Long’s house, Long Huishan was full of doubts, and hurriedly asked Chen Xiang about what happened just now. Stay up at 22Bet and read aoye. Members log in and stay up late to read “Ice Dragon Sword can really summon the ancestor of ice dragon in casino Slot? What’s going on?” Long Huishan still can’t believe it. Isn’t the sword the existence of invincibility? Hua Xiangyue, Du Hai and the others looked at Chen Xiang, waiting for Chen Xiang’s answer. Just now they saw the ice dragon appearing with their own eyes, and also wiped out a group of strong people. “Actually… this can only be used once. It should have been worth it just now. Betking killed so many fairy kings. I don’t think there are any strong people sitting in Sacred Dragon Mountain right now. Sister Long, you should hurry up and take someone to get rid of it.” Let’s destroy Shenglong Mountain.” [] Staying up late to read books 1133 can only be used once! Everyone couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, if it could be used unlimited times, then Chen Xiang would definitely be very powerful. “But others don’t know that it can only be used once, so the matter of Endorphina must be kept a secret! Now many people think that the ice dragon sword can summon ice dragons, so they dare not pay attention to the dragon family anymore, hehe.” Chen Xiang smiled. road. Lu Qinlian came back to the Pragmatic play at that time, but she came back with injuries all over her body. Seeing her covered in injuries, everyone was very surprised at Parimatch. “What’s the matter with betting? How did you get hurt so badly?” Long Huishan hurried forward to support Lu Qinlian. Lu Qinlian is not weak to become a demon queen, and she also knows how to use poison. With such an appearance, that person must be very powerful. Chen Xiang hastily took out some blood preparations made with his own blood.

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