Aoshi Danshen Premier League Chapter 111 Live Betting 8 Female Dragon King

In the third volume, Long Han is considered a very powerful ancient dragon, and what remains here is only his wisp of divine sense. It can be seen that he has not died, but he does not know where he is now. Long Han could only see the champions league situation in Chen Xiang’s Divine Sea, but he didn’t know that Long Xueyi, the white dragon, was on him, otherwise he would be even more surprised. “Where can I hook up with a woman from your Long family, she just gave me face and asked me to call her my sister, she is there to integrate your inheritance.” Chen Xiang scratched the back of his head and laughed. “Although you say that, I always feel that you are very powerful, and I always feel that there are many powerful things in you. It’s a pity that my real deity is not here, so I can’t see through you.” Long Han smiled: “But you treat me like a dragon. The people from Betway’s family are helpful, I appreciate you.” Chen Xiang stopped chatting with Long Han, and asked him directly about some things he wanted to know about live betting: “Senior la liga, I want to ask you about the people in Chaos Mountain. Did you take the twenty-six treasure chests? There’s something in them.” “Ah, how do you know that you’ve been there? You must have been told by the spirit of Paripesa in the Slot Games.” Long Han chuckled: “There are only those in that place. Only the rumble descendants of the traitor forces can enter, you are not the descendants of those traitor forces.” “Of course not, I just mixed in. Many things happened there, and finally we went there, because there are only four treasure chests, So there was a dispute, but I still got three flashscore treasure chests in the end, but I couldn’t open them.” Chen Xiang sighed. “There should be quite a few people going there, but you still managed to get three of them. You can use the scabbard of my Ice Dragon Sword to open it, but it takes a little effort. It took me a lot of effort to get the baccarat back then.”

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