Proud la liga world baccarat alchemy chapter 1088 super spirit pill

Full-text catalog: This time, Chen Xiang refined thousands of Qishen Leap Pills at the same time, and Betway refined a thousand copies of medicinal materials into one pill! He already has a certain amount of experience in refining this kind of pill, but this Qishen pill is the highest level he has refined so far. Fortunately, he has a very thorough understanding of the medicinal materials for refining Qishen pill, and he can quickly and Those elixir communicate wonderfully. He not only refines thousands of medicinal materials into a pill, but also engraves a spirit pattern on it. Sports betting can make the pill have a more powerful effect. He tried it once before, and at that time he gave him an incredible The speed crazily devours the surrounding aura, and now this place is full of strong immortal energy, if you eat this kind of pill here, the energy swallowed will be even more terrifying. The space inside the Yanlong Treasure Furnace is very large, and there is no pressure at all to stuff a thousand copies of Qishen Pill’s medicinal materials into it! Chen Xiang didn’t use the method in the Heaven Alchemy Technique that can turn the immortal gas into a raging fire, because what was to be burned was thousands of medicines that were integrated into one, and the flame that borrowed the power of heaven and earth would also take a long time to burn. Powerful, the Premier League will be difficult to control at that time. At this time, he only uses his own flame, although it will be slower, but it can be very stable, and he can control it as he likes, without worrying about the furnace exploding, not to mention that when engraving the spirit pattern, the accuracy of flame control is very high , At that time, divine power was needed to cooperate with the flame to burn on the surface of the panacea. It takes a long time to refine this super pill. Fortunately, Chen Xiang has some kind of connection with the medicinal materials of the Qishen pill live betting, so he can easily let the flame penetrate into the inside of the Xuandi fruit and burn those very strong roots. The Xuandi fruit in the Yanlong Treasure Furnace are all high-quality Slot Games, unlike

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