World Proud Pill God Champions League Chapter la liga 1073 Scarlet Demon Forest

The text version of the mobile version: Popular live betting Keywords: Author: Category: After Chen Xiang left Zilan Valley, he rushed towards Chaos Mountain. The elder of Taiyuan Mountain said before that it is better to hold a meeting in it. Discuss the issue of those ancient forces coming to hunt for treasures. Those ancient forces from Ditian have a map of a large online casino treasure in Chaos Mountain. Chaos Mountain is not just a mountain, but a relatively remote place located on the 18th floor of Real Madrid in the Holy Pill Realm. To enter it, you need to pass through a very dangerous mountain forest. It is said that there is a dangerous place that separates Chaos Mountain from the outside world. isolated. There is a very strange mountain in it. It is said that it is a huge stone dropped by the mysterious Chaos World in the Holy Pill Realm, so it got its name. Chen Xiang doesn’t know much about Chaos Mountain, but he still knows how to get there of. Chaos Mountain is equivalent to a small world, and there are some families, cities and various forces in it, but currently the Taiyuan Mountain family is the only one, so the strength of Taiyuan Mountain is definitely not weak. “How do you plan to find that treasure? You only have one of the maps in your hand.” Su Meiyao asked, she needed to know Chen Xiang’s current plan, she didn’t want Chen Xiang to take risks. “The other fragments of the map are in the hands of those giants of ancient Spinmatic forces. It’s not easy to get them.” Betking Bai Youyou is the same as Su Meiyao. It is very dangerous for him to go to Chaos Mountain now. Paripesa doesn’t mention the ancient forces gathered inside. , as far as the entire Chaos Mountain is concerned, I can’t wait to make him up, because he has seven pieces of Chaos Fire Token in his hand. “I went directly to those giants of the ancient forces, poker we have cooperated before anyway, and we came to this place together, if

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