Aoshi Danshen Chapter 1casino Slot0Mozzartbet43 Holy Dragon Lineage

Soon, Chen Xiang found that he seemed to be in a very strange and narrow space, and the walls were all white. He pressed his hand on one of the walls, and the wall could penetrate through it, allowing his entire arm to pass through. None of them entered the walls of Liverpool. He immediately stepped into the wall, and as soon as he stuck his head in, he saw a baccarat white space, half of his body was still standing there! “This is the law of space!” Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised, the law of space is quite good, saying that casino slots may not allow him to travel through the space easily, he has been worrying about Luo Tian’s behavior, he did not expect that now He actually obtained the Profound Bead of Space Law. The latest novel “” The space he was in suddenly dissipated, and then a pain poured into his body. He opened his eyes and saw that there were many black space cracks around him, and the tyrannical space force penetrated crazily. It entered his body, like black evil spirits trying to devour him, making him suddenly terrified. “This is the power of law!” Long Xueyi shouted: “The power of law is all around us, but it’s just hard to touch!” Streams of black air danced from those cracks in space, from Chen Xiang’s nose and eyes. , Mouth, ears, and the vital parts of the body get into it, which looks very scary. The latest novel “” Chen Xiang only felt a slight pain in his body, as if many things forcibly penetrated into his body, stinging his body. He can see those black belts drilled from the cracks in the space, and there are many mysterious spirit patterns on them. Those real madrid are live betting spirit patterns related to space. Now he understands that if he wants to control the space at will, get to know these spirits

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