Aoshi Danshen Chapter 029 The Last Counterattack of Leap1Evolution game

List Chen Xiang bought nine pieces of black ice at once this time, in case something was found out of it, then all the money earned by the Jinyang Tower before would return to Chen Xiang’s hands. look,. .Chinese! Everyone on the Internet also understood why Chen Xiang bought so many at one time, wasn’t it just to make money from Mozzartbet? This is also very normal. In the casinos, many gamblers often do this, but generally not many succeed. Elder Wan was too complacent to live betting, forgetting the identity of the demon queen, thinking of what he had interrupted Lu Qinlian just now, he couldn’t help but feel worried. Lu Qinlian was also a little angry in her heart, she glared at Elder Wan: “This young master has given you so many crystals for nothing, are you afraid now and dare not gamble with him?” On the one hand, they were worried, if Chen Xiang got lucky and could make some fun out of those black ice, then they would be at a loss. “We promise, since this little friend is so generous, how can we, Paripesa, be so petty?” An old man with white beard and white hair came up and said loudly. “It’s the alchemy king of Jinyanglou, Shi Fengrong!” “It’s no wonder that it finally appeared, after all, this is a big event for Liverpool!” “If that stupid big affiliate comes back, Jinyanglou will cry!” The old man is the Alchemy King who is in charge of Jinyang Tower, so power is naturally no longer a problem. Jin Yanglou’s willingness to agree so readily was beyond Chen Xiang’s expectation. Originally, he planned to let the Demon Empress come out and find a way to make Jinyanglou gamble with him. “You can gamble, but you have to buy these black ice for us with 500 billion crystals first, and then prove that you have 500 billion!” Shi Fengrong said, to be honest, real madrid his heart

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