Endorphina Alchemy God Chapter 921 Kirin Nairabet Fan

Li Baojun and Chen Xiang didn’t leave either, they were waiting here for those who followed them out of the city. :look:. “Chinese”! Wang Chen Xiang was just curious about Paripesa, why these people would stare at them! After he got the Heavenly Grass Pill, he could blend into nature. Even Ji Meixian’s spiritual sense couldn’t sense him, and Zhao Yixuan’s person-seeking fairy tool that he took from the heaven also failed. The people from Leap were very strong, which made Chen Xiang a little uneasy, and judging from those auras, they should all be immortals from the ancient force of FlashScore, that is, people who have survived Nine Tribulations of Nirvana. “Elder Li, can you stand it?” Chen Xiang asked in a low voice. “No problem. As an elder, how can I do without some strength?” Li Baojun was very confident. He was so happy that he got the Longevity Fruit that he wanted to beat someone. Now someone sent him to beat him. He didn’t beat him for nothing. There were five people who came, but Chen Xiang only saw a few figures flying out of the city gate Msports, and then surrounded them. These five people are all white-haired and youthful-faced old men. Although their heads are covered with white hair, their faces have no wrinkles and are well-maintained. The five old men surrounded Chen Xiang and Li Baojun, and stared at Chen Xiang and Li Baojun with very unfriendly eyes. Li Baojun looked at an old man in gray robe, and said with a sneer, “It turned out to be you. I didn’t expect that I misread the person!” Chen Xiang suddenly understood that it was not him who was recognized, but Betway was Li Baojun who was recognized by him. Friend betrayed. “Longevity fruit in your hands?” Although the gray-robed old man betrayed Li Baojun, he looked at Li Baojun and asked loudly without any expression of guilt. Bet9ja “That’s right, the Longevity Fruit is in my hand, if you have something to grab it!” Li Baojun’s face was seldom calm

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