Alchemy God Man City Chapter 906 Controlling the White Poker Sea

Listed in the Slot Games list, the first time Chen Xiang saw Zhao Yixuan, she covered her face with radiance. She felt that she was pure and pure, and could not be seen by these mortals, but now her jade body was exposed at a glance. In Sportybet in front of a man she hated the most, and being fondled by a vicious woman baccarat. look.. :中,文,网 “I think she has cultivated a powerful magic skill, and she has made her face so thick that she can only cut it with a magic knife.” Chen Xiang smiled, and his pair of thief eyes swept Zhao Yixuan’s uneven body back and forth. , making Zhao Yixuan wish to dig it out and trample it to pieces. Although she has some scars on her body, it does not affect the viewing, and it also adds some strange beauty. Ji man city Meixian saw Zhao Yixuan’s stubborn face, and said sharply: “I’ll count to two, if you don’t release the master-servant contract, I will slash your face ten times! Then I will announce your disfigured appearance in the heaven, and That image crystal will also walk around the heavens!” “Premier league one!” The sharp point of the knife was already approaching Zhao Yixuan’s cheek. Zhao Yixuan thought of her desolate appearance being announced in the heavens, she wished to die immediately, but even if she died, it was useless, she bit her lips tightly, a cloud of light shot out from between her brows, forming a whirlwind, she had to give in at this moment , so that she can survive, as long as she is still alive, she may have a chance to stand up, otherwise she will not only die, but her ugliness will spread to the heavens, which is something more terrible than death. After Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan established the master-servant contract, she suddenly became gentle and smiled slightly. At this time, the smile on her face is like a hundred flowers blooming, like the warm chelsa sunshine in the champions league winter, warm and charming, completely different from the witch-like look before.

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