Aoshidan BGaming God Chapter 846 Wind sports betting rain is coming

Although he was chased away by Ji Xian, Chen Xiang was still in a good mood, he is now a big winner, and the streets and alleys of Dan City are discussing his affairs. .(.)Article)(1)(中)(文)\s..Many people went to visit the Dingsheng Danpu, but there was no one there, and everyone guessed that the guy named Li Renshan was hiding. He is called benevolent, but he is extremely evil. At this time, those who lost the bet are called Li Xie. Not to mention the loss in the first roulette, but he still dared to come in the second round, and also got two alchemy kings arrested. Tao Tianzi also lost terribly, and a bottle of precious peaches worth 500 billion was just given away to others up. In the eyes of many people, Duan Sanchang and Ji Xian also lost a lot, but Msports and they were all entrusted by Chen Xiang. Afterwards, Chen Xiang would not only return the things to them, but also pay them. If others found out, Duan Sanchang would definitely be chased and killed by others, but for this guy who digs up other people’s graves, it’s just a piece of cake. “Brother Chen, you are too bad. I think those who lost la liga are hiding in the room. BGaming threw things at Liverpool… Haha.” Duan Sanchang laughed, and Chen Xiang returned all his things. He, they were drinking in the room at this time. “After you didn’t see those three alchemy kings, your face is so ugly, and your whole body is smoking, haha…” Duan Sanchang laughed while drinking, and was choked by Sportybet live betting several times. As the big winner, Chen Xiang was very calm, but his heart was still very moved. “Hey, there are still a lot of big fish here, I really want to wash them all.” Chen Xiang laughed. “It will be difficult in the future, and Bet9ja has learned from the past.” Duan Sanchang

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