Alchemy God Chapter 831: Alchemy God

Chen Xiang stared at those black boxes, these boxes did not explain what materials were inside, but they were marked with a price, Chen Xiang saw a box worth 500 million crystals! “This box baccarat is worth 500 million, does it mean that the spirit inside is worth 500 million?” Chen Xiang asked, some boxes are ridiculously expensive. “These are all for one piece. For many alchemists, Betking’s spirits inside are worth the money. Our store will never hack you. You will be satisfied with the spirits inside when you open the box, but we can’t tell you now. What kind of spirit is in you, this is a game of Online Casino, keep it fun, and it can also bring you surprises.” The roulette name carefully said. Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi to spy on what was inside the box, his spiritual sense couldn’t get in, but Long Xueyi could. “There are two kinds of spirits, but judging from the lake, these are half-dead, but they are very rare, so they are worth the price.” Long Xueyi said, and then told Su Meiyao the appearance of the two spirits in detail. “It’s the Mozzartbet material of Alchemy God Alchemy. One kind of liverpool material is called Jinpengguo BGaming, and the other is called Premier League ginseng. Although they are about to die, they are still very precious. They should not be able to grow forebets anymore, but you have created The divine liquid can definitely grow a living.” Su Meiyao said, judging from her tone, she wanted Chen Xiang to take down the box. Chen Xiang was holding the box, and just about to pay the bill, but suddenly a man in blue broke in and grabbed the box very roughly. “What are you doing?” Chen Xiang frowned, kicked the man’s abdomen, and kicked him away. The man in blue immediately became furious: “Are you courting death? I’m going to order this box, hand it over quickly!” Without further ado, Chen Xiang came to

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