Aoshi Dan Surebet247 God Chapter Leap816 Treasure Hunting on Beauty

Title of the book: The original beautiful grassland has become a mess and destroyed a large area because of the battle between two powerful men. The movement that was aroused just now was very loud, and it has already attracted the attention of some people in the distance. Ji Meixian’s beautiful face showed a trace of fear la liga, she did not expect that she would fall into Chen Xiang’s hands, originally she thought that taking Chen Xiang would be a piece of cake. “I don’t have any treasures, even if I have them, I won’t give them to you.” Ji Meixian said coldly, turning her head aside, she didn’t look at Chen Xiang, she was worried that her eyes would be exposed. “Don’t you know after searching?” Chen Xiang said with a smile, he had already squatted down, pinched Ji Meixian’s pretty chin, and stared at the face that was as beautiful as a fairy. He had a bad idea. “You…what do you want to poker for?” Ji Meixian saw Chen Xiang’s fiery eyes, and became even more frightened in her heart, and shouted. “You obediently hand over to Slot Games that treasure, which is the thing that can protect your body, baccarat, otherwise I will find it myself.” Chen Xiang took a slight breath, and patted Ji Meixian’s cheek, which made Ji Meixian extremely ashamed and angry , No one has ever dared to treat her like this. “You can snatch my treasured sword and magic skills, and I can snatch yours too, that’s a very fair thing.” Chen Xiang smiled, and then looked at the storage ring on her jade finger. Ji Meixian was sealed by Chen Xiang, except for her head rumble, she couldn’t move anywhere else, and Chen Xiang easily took off her storage ring. “You can’t get what’s inside, this Surebet247 ring can prevent other people’s consciousness from entering, that restriction can only be unlocked by my consciousness!” Ji Meixian stared at Chen Xiang viciously, gnashing her teeth

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