Aoshi Danshen Online Casino Chapter 801 Spinmatic is at your door

Welcome to: 22Bet. Other forces may be concerned about Taiwumen, but the Tongtian family will not, because they are very confident in their own strength, and they are the ancient Tongtian family. At this time, this matter has spread in the new world Well, if the Feng family doesn’t solve live betting, they will definitely be ridiculed, so they must win Shen Xiang. In the Taiwu Xuan Realm, Chen Xiang was eating barbecue with a sloppy white-haired old man. “Little bastard, your Spinmatic Peerless Tribulation is really enjoyable, I also want to try it as a teacher, haha…” Huang Jintian laughed loudly after hearing Chen Xiang’s journey through the tribulation. “Master, if it wasn’t the calamity of fire, I would have died long ago, you still have the heart to laugh here.” Chen Xiang said angrily. “Hey, if you weren’t an alchemist, maybe you wouldn’t be Huo Jie.” Huang Jintian laughed. When an alchemist crosses the calamity, his formidable power will be stronger, but Chen Xiang can’t feel whether his Nirvana Tribulation is stronger than others in the calamity of two thousand people. “Master, what is the real madrid origin of the Tongtian family? Damn it, they actually said that the Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Kungfu was created by their ancestors, and they wanted to snatch my treasured sword, saying that my treasured sword is related to the poker ancestors of their Tongtian family ” When Chen Xiang said this, his face was still full of anger. “Fuck the fuck, these bastards, if it weren’t for the old guy in the mysterious realm where they were hiding, I would have almost wiped out a Tongtian family back then.” Huang Jintian was furious, and smashed a piece of meat in BetWinner’s hand. He smashed to the ground: “This group of guys appeared. When I was traveling across borders, I was chased and killed by a group of bastards. They also wanted to snatch my extreme dragon subduing skill!” Chen Xiang was stunned.

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