World Proud Premier League Pill God Chapter 786 Ancient Desolation Forbidden Leap Land

“What kind of bullshit are the top ten masters? Their strength is too weak. They are all the ones who have survived the second and third nirvana. Affiliate” Long Xueyi said disdainfully: “I thought it was so powerful. It seems that the demon world is better than the human world.” It’s far away.” Chen Xiang now also sees that the headmasters of the ten major sects are mediocre, and those who are at this level of Nirvana are just little elders in many sects. Endorphina Han Jingxuan’s running speed was very fast, Chen Xiang also saw that she hadn’t exerted her full strength, obviously she deliberately wanted to bring these ten masters into one place. “This road is very familiar, could it be… Parimatch?” Chen Xiang was startled suddenly, only then did he remember that this road was leading to the place where Zhenmo Tianzun hid the betting treasure, and Chen Xiang followed closely behind chelsa’s top ten Behind the teacher, he entered a lush forest, which surprised him very much. This is the first time he has seen such a big tree in the baccarat, and the aura Paripesa here is also good, but why is there no demon world? How about establishing a mountain gate here? The top ten headmasters in front stopped suddenly, and one of the old women said in a sinister way: “We have stepped into the forbidden land of ancient desolation now, if we go any further, we might be in danger!” “Forbidden Land” reminded Chen Xiang of the ancient demon gate that wanted him. From the old woman’s Evolution game voice, it was obviously a very dangerous place. “Hmph, isn’t it the place where the Ancient Desolation Demon God buried his son? I have long wanted to go in and have a look. Those guys from the Ancient Desolation Demon Sect dare not come in because they are worried about offending their Demon God, but I am not afraid.” The old man sneered and continued to chase Han Jingxuan. The other teachers didn’t take it seriously either. Although this place is called the Forbidden Land, it’s just an ancient desolate land.

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