baccarat Alchemy God Chapter 7 NetEnt71 Create Profound Realm

None of the NetEnt powerhouses left, they were all discussing what to do next, and at the same time they were still waiting in Msports for some warriors who would enter Liverpool to hunt monsters. .. “You better act quickly, those guys from the demon world will soon occupy this place, this teleportation formation cannot be used by them.” Chen Xiang said. “But Master Lei hasn’t come out yet, we haven’t seen him and his three disciples yet.” An old man said. Lei Tian’s head teacher and those three disciples had already been killed by Chen Xiang, so naturally they would not come out. Chen Xiang said casually: “Then you can figure it out, I’ll go first!” Just as Chen Xiang stepped into the teleportation formation, just when he was about to activate Mozzarella, he said to everyone: “Hurry up and leave!” , if that space force betting here, the teleportation array will fail!” Chen Xiang couldn’t use Luo Tian to open the space channel inside, and the principle of this teleportation array is the same, if the space is unstable, if you want to forcibly teleport, The consequences are dire. Chen Xiang activated the teleportation array and returned to Taiwu. At this time, the entire Taiwu and the Tiancheng outside were shrouded in panic. Although the passage here did not appear, a very strong demonic aura erupted from Shiwan Mountain. This news It quickly spread throughout the Chenwu Continent, because this was a precursor to the opening of the channel, and now some experts from the Mortal Martial World also gathered here to discuss how to fight back against the enemy together. Shiwan Mountain is very close to the state, and the warriors who cultivated Dao in the state have already evacuated, because they are now respectful of those monsters and stay away, worried that they will be wiped out by Betking, so they have to be more honest, United with the Orthodox faction. One hundred thousand Nairabet hills and states are very close to the sea, both were once Chen

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