Chapter 741 Unifying the Msports Dan baccarat world

Provide a complete collection of classic quotations for online reading poker, download a large number of TXT e-books, please go to Select Background Color: Select Font Size: Text Category: Other Novels Title: Douding () provides downloads for you, romance novels, fantasy novels, martial arts Online reading and novels, science fiction and other novels. The new world is so big, and there are countless elixir shops. If you want to buy rumble elixirs you want, you can’t teleport them in the new world. In the city, it is indeed very good, and it will not let people go to too many places to search for elixir. It’s just that those alchemists who were not invited to join the alchemy league felt very unhappy and felt that they were underestimated. Walking on the street, Chen Xiang champions league and Wu Kaiming could hear many alchemists complaining. The new world is so big, there will definitely be many alchemists, and the Danmeng only invited some alchemists, and it is all for the purpose of making other alchemists work hard and improve the level of alchemy. “I heard that after the establishment of the Dan BetWinner League, the levels of alchemists will be uniformly divided. At that time, if you want to get a good name, you may have to re-take the alchemist assessment. It turns out that it won’t work in the Danman City Xiangtaoyuan. It is.” Wu Kaiming said. Chen Xiang thinks this is also necessary. The new world is formed by merging multiple worlds into Slot Games. Each world has a level system for their live betting alchemists. In order to come up with a common level title, it must be unified . “These alchemy kings are not bad. They have rectified the chaotic world of alchemy in the new world. It’s a pity that neither Elder Dan nor Hua Xiangyue joined this alchemy alliance.” Chen Xiang regretted that the Chenwu Continent was not powerful.

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