Aoshidan Poker God Chapter 726 Why Evolution Game Is You

Title: Seeing Liu Menger releasing such a strong cold air, those elders hastily released their strength to resist this cold air from attacking the weaker people on his Liverpool side. “Dare to move Xinyue to have a look.” Liu Meng’er’s voice was full of incomparable majesty and anger, and an even stronger Betting chill was released by her, which made Dongfang Lingyun a little scared. “Bingfeng Shengong, you are Liu Menger from the Chenwu Continent, the Heavenly Kingdom of Divine Soldiers.” Dongfang Lingyun also conducted a very detailed investigation of the strong men on the Chenwu Continent. “Hmph.” Liu Meng’er coldly glanced at the three old men Parimatch without any fear. Feeling the cold Nairabet air, Chen Xiang also shuddered. His crossbow arrow aimed at an elder who stopped suddenly, and poured his strongest power, dragon power plus demon-suppressing holy power, the two powers merged Together, through the strange spirit pattern on the Death-Death Demon Crossbow, it is transformed into a crossbow arrow condensed by black air. “It should be an elder who has survived Nirvana’s Eight Tribulations LiveScore. Let me see what kind of damage this death-defying magic crossbow can cause to him.” Chen Xiang released the crossbow, and the black crossbow flew towards him without a sound, but the elder did not Sensing the power of piercing the air, he hastily released a real air shield. The crossbow bolt hit the shield of true qi, and then melted away without stirring up any waves. “This is the gap.” Chen Xiang sighed, if the arrow shot just now was on a person who passed through Nirvana for one calamity, it might have some effect, but for an elder who has passed through Nirvana for eight calamities, it would be like hitting a stone with an egg. “How dare you, you bastard, stab someone in the back.” The elder roared angrily. Chen Xiang had an idea, hurriedly imitated the voice of his master Huang BGaming Jintian, and then went crazy

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