Aoshidan Baccarat God Chapter 711Betting Dongfang Xinyue

A good novel rumble cannot do without your support, and likewise, Mozzartbet cannot do without your support Leap! After listening to Chen Xiang’s nonsense, Dongfang Xinyue sighed quietly: “I knew that group of old guys would do this, for sure Daddy must be angered!” Although this Dongfang Xinyue has a young and beautiful appearance, she is also an old fellow, Chen Xiang learned from Dongfang Rong’s memory that in the Dongfang family, sometimes what the patriarch Dongfang said doesn’t count. , it still needs to be approved by a group of veterans, Surebet247 is the old poker guy Dongfang Xinyue said. &&&Unified (tyxs) Genius Lives Together&&&[] And the expansion of the Dongfang family’s power is what this group of Nairabet old guys mean. “Is there no 22Bet?” Dongfang Roulette Xinyue blinked and asked softly. “Elder Xinyue, why don’t you go out and take a look at the new world BGaming. With the strength of the elders, you will definitely be able to make a fortune in the new world.” Chen Xiang said what was in his heart, if it was the former Dongfang Rong, he dared to kill him, so this surprised Dongfang Xinyue. Chen Xiang did this to let Dongfang Xinyue leave Xinyue Mansion, and let him go to see the important place hidden inside. The reason why he came here was to find the baby. Dongfang Xinyue lowered her head and pondered. Chen Xiang didn’t know why she was hiding in the profound realm all day long. A woman like her has strength, status, and good looks. After she goes out, she will definitely respond to the Slot Games outside. There is nothing to be afraid of. , unlike him, who was offered high rewards everywhere. “By the way, has the person who killed Dongfang Yao been caught? This person is so bold that he dared to trouble the gods of the Demon Academy. Does the Academy ignore it?

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