World Proud Pill God Chapter 696 sports betting Msports Demon Son Festival

Mo Du fell on the ground and struggled, his face was full of fear and despair. He didn’t expect that this annoying ghost from Msports in the Demon Conquering Academy possessed two extraordinary skills that could overwhelm all major forces in the demon world. “Who the hell are you?” Mo Duo roared with all his strength in LiveScore, people who can possess these two kinds of magic skills will be worshiped as demon gods in the demon world, but now they are in the human world. Chen Xiang laughed a few times, Betway turned into his original appearance, which completely frightened Modian into a fool. Not only had he never seen or heard of this ability to change his appearance and clothes, but Now it happened before Chelsa’s eyes. “Chen Xiang.” Modian shouted. “Hey.” Chen Xiang smiled, leaned down, patted Modian’s head with a palm, and began to search his memory. “Spiritual Curse.” Mo Duan had a splitting headache and shouted out the four words forebet, and then screamed with difficulty: “Wang Shengren and Mo Huan have both been used by you for the Betting Soul Curse, what the hell are you?” People, how could it be possible to know so many miraculous arts of the devil world?” “This is my secret, you already know it, so I have to kill you.” Chen Xiang took his hand back, although his face is now full of smiles, but in his heart But he was very frightened, because the secret combination of the devil and Tai Yunhong could put the entire mortal world in danger. In order to prevent others from finding the demon’s soul with magical talismans such as summoning souls, Chen Xiang used the Devouring Demon Art to directly devour the demon’s soul, and then burned his body. At the moment when the devil was about to die, he knew that Chen Xiang possessed the magic power of devouring magic, which is a taboo magic attack of the three heavenly realms. “What are they uniting with?” Bai Youyou asked, and at this time Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Gate and opened up a space

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