Aoshidan Livescore God Chapter 666 Pragmatic play moves the universe

Chen Xiang was relieved that the little thief Yunzhu could successfully fuse BGaming with Fire Soul. .. “Three sisters, my younger brother is going to Tiansheng City now. I have to go and take a good look at the terrain first. Sister Bai Xing still needs you to master the slot games time and summon the star in time.” Chen Xiang clasped his fists , said. Yan Zilan said worriedly: “I’ll go with you. If something goes wrong, I can save you!” “No, I will contact Sister Bai Xing when the time comes and ask her to use her talent and summon the stars down.” Chen Xiang handed Bai Xing a jade tablet, this Pragmatic play is used for communication. Yan Zilan knew that if Chen Xiang left like this, once he succeeded, he would return to the Mortal Martial World, and he didn’t know how long it would take to meet again. The three women sent Chen Xiang out of the valley. “Say hello to Yan Yao for me.” Chen Xiang said. “I will treat her like a sister, don’t worry.” Yan Zilan felt unspeakable melancholy in her heart, she stretched out her jade hand, and stroked Chen Xiang’s handsome face. “Be careful.” Yan Zilan told Slot Games. Chen Xiang nodded his head, and at this time Yunzhu came over, stood on tiptoe, and kissed Chen Xiang’s cheek: “Thank you, I will definitely come to the valley to play again in the future!” Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: “I will definitely Here you go, take care!” Shen Bettingxiang put on a black robe, and while running, he pretended to be an Evolution game and changed his appearance. After watching Chen Xiang go away and disappear from sight, the three Yan Zilan sisters returned to Zilan. Lan Gu, the appearance of Chen Xiang brought a great turning point in their lives, for this, she was very grateful to Chen Xiang. In Tiansheng City, Chen Xiang was wandering around the square. Although he couldn’t get close, he was far away.

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