Chapter 651 The Crisis of the Spinmatic in the Holy Pill Realm

651__(8jzw)651_From () Chen Xiang tried his best to stay away from the City Lord’s Mansion in the shortest possible time, and at this time he was already close to the city gate, and at this moment, he heard a burst of earth-shattering noise coming out from the direction of the City Lord’s Mansion The roar came from the old man. //Look//No one would have thought that Chen Xiang would take action to snatch it. Even Du Hai was stunned by this, and he cursed inwardly, because he had already told Chen Xiang to keep a low profile and stop going. You provoked that Chaos Mountain, Roulette, but who knew that in his heart, he actually snatched two Chaos Tokens from him right under his nose. This is also the first time Du Hai has encountered this kind of thing, not to mention a guy with the strength of an ant like Chen Xiang, even with his strength, Spinmatic would not dare to do this in LiveScore, but Chen Xiang has made it to the Evolution game, and even Retired completely, which made Du Hai have to admire Chen Xiang. “What an idiot, he deserves it for holding such a precious thing in front of my eyes!” Chen Xiang flew out of the Holy Pill City, and continued to fly. Live betting he didn’t dare to transform into a human form, fearing that he would be sensed by the old man his breath. Judging from the ambition revealed by the old man just now, there is also a division of forces in Chaos Mountain. The old man is dissatisfied with the current power holders and wants to seek power and usurp the throne. If he succeeds, he will naturally not take into account the relationship between Du Hai and those power Trade, sooner or later will find him. Chen Xiang is not an idiot, he let one of the sons of one of the rebel champions league die, one Liverpool, and one wounded. Betway was robbed. In this way, without the Chaos Fire Order, the old man’s prestige in the Chaos Mountain will plummet, and he will seek power.

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