Ao Shi Pill God Chapter 63 Parimatch 6 Fire Soul Evolution

Just when Chen Xiang wanted to go to the underground secret room of sports betting to look for Du Yanyao, Du Yanyao suddenly came up from below, she looked around the affiliate, and sighed: “I feel that my fire soul is about to evolve, very uncomfortable Stable, it seems that I will not be able to participate in the alchemy competition tomorrow!” “What, fire soul evolution. Beacon fire” Chen Xiang exclaimed, although it is theoretically possible, but he has not heard of it. “Well, I just feel that my fire soul is about to break through. I didn’t expect that I have cultivated to the peak of the Hundred Refining Realm. With the growth of my physical body and true energy, my fire soul will also break through. As for the Evolution game, I don’t know. I don’t know, live betting, anyway, this happens two or three times a day.” Du Yanyao looked around helplessly, it was all destroyed by the scorching heat generated when Roulette was about to evolve her fire soul. “I have to contact the family as soon as possible and ask them to send someone to take over the affairs of the city lord. I have to find a place to spend this stage. www.FHZwW.c0m” Du Yanyao looked at Chen Xiang apologetically: “I’m sorry 1xBet, I can’t participate in the alchemy competition with you!” Chen Xiang wiped the sweat from the man city on her face, and said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, the evolution of the fire soul is very rare, it is more important than the alchemy competition, so it cannot be delayed!” Du BetWinner Yanyao clicked, and hurriedly sent someone to contact the family, and then arranged a formation in the basement to prevent the heat released by her from escaping, and no one was allowed to approach. Shen Leapxiang also lived in this yard, and his The house has also turned into a pile of ashes, but the underground stone chamber is still there. Although it was nighttime, the news of Du Yanyao’s withdrawal from the competition was still quickly spread throughout the Holy Pill City, especially those who came to participate in the alchemy competition, felt that

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