22Bet Aoshi Danshen Chapter 576 Refers to real madrid guide

Seeing that Chen Xiang was about to tear off the silk cloth covering Hua Xiangyue’s chest, Hua Xiangyue’s jade hands hurriedly grabbed him, her lips parted, Hua Xiangyue looked at him with blurred and charming eyes, faintly Said: “Little villain, your sister Meng’er is still outside, I don’t want to wait for her to bump into us…” Shen Xiang shook his head and sighed, looking at Hua Xiangyue’s half-exposed snow-white breasts, he couldn’t help stretching out his hand , squeezed hard: “Little fairy, don’t seduce me in the future, or I will eat you to the bone ()!” Hua Xiangyue turned over violently, pressed Chen Xiang below, and spit out BGaming Orchid , Said in a charming voice: “It doesn’t matter who eats who, just wait for me, you little villain will be mine sooner or later, giggling…” Seeing Hua Xiangyue smiling so charmingly and seductively, Chen Xiang couldn’t help betting. He blocked her little mouth again, hugged her tightly, and kissed her fiercely while putting on. Liu Meng’er, who was outside, really didn’t know that the two of them were making love inside. She was very surprised when she saw the luck-attacking technique built on the basis of the spirit pattern in the magic-suppressing qi formation, and admired it. The martial art of subduing demons is powerful, but she also knows that it is based on the power of subduing demons and the vitality of subduing demons that Paripesa can fully exert it, and can have a very powerful lethality against demons (). “Come again next time, I don’t want to be caught and raped by your sister Meng’er.” Hua Xiangyue tidied her clothes and made out with Chen Xiang for a short time, which was the happiest she had in Slot Games in these years, and she had endless aftertaste. Chen Xiang lay on the bed, watching Hua Xiangyue leave with the round buttocks that he had kneaded for a long time just now, feeling extremely satisfied, and let out a long breath. “Chelsa little villain, you are not afraid of me

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